Co-founder, COO, and Lead Designer

Skills: UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding, Visual Design, Infographics, Presentation Design, Video Editing.

Tools: Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Premier Pro, HTML, CSS

Team: In constant collaboration with Sabrina Williams, Co-founder and CEO of SEED.


The Client

SEED (Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development) is an ag-tech, home and garden startup. It is developing a full-service, technologically-advanced “farm in a box” that allows everyone — from small plot farmers to windowsill growers — to grow more food while gaining 21st-century skills.

The Challenge

Create a brand identity through various mediums for a new startup from the ground up. As well as the product development and SMART manufacturing plan.

The Outcome

A strong and clean cohesive brand, mobile app UX/UI, and prototype was developed for the company. This is an iterative project and this page will be updated.


During the research phase, we sought out to understand the market trends for new home and garden products. There is a surging interest amongst Baby Boomers and Millennials’ in gardening and plant care.

The future of food is changing and according to National Geographic’s, A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World, climate change is posing a massive threat to global agriculture and our food chain has to drastically change.

Define and Ideate

SEED’s plan is to make residential food production simple and affordable.

SEED is designed to be a DIY farm in a box solution that offers the easy start and continued guidance to anyone who wants to grow their own produce, while knowing agricultural help will be given to a farmer in need.

Information Architecture

Keeping in mind the social impact SEED is working towards, I created a user flow to imagine the ways a user might navigate through the website and app. These tools allowed me to ensure that the information was organized in a way that is intuitive to the user.


I created a low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes of the SEED app features in XD. During this process, I thought about how the layout and content could be structured to satisfy user and business goals in a technically feasible way. Then I created a UI requirements document to outline all of the features and elements I wanted to incorporate into the design.

Visual Design

Next, I created a UI Kit, a comprehensive collection of all components and UI patterns used on the app.

Next Steps

More of SEED’s hardware and software progress updates will be shared soon. Stay tuned! :)