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UX/UI Designer

Skills: UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, Branding, Visual Design, Front End Development

Tools: Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Huboard, Github

Team: Myself, Roxana Gonzalez as Product Manager, Mike Larson as Lead Developer, Audra Torres as Visual Designer.


The Client

Technovation (formerly Iridescent) is a global community of girls, mentors, ambassadors, parents and judges that are curious, creative and determined to change the world using technology.

The Challenge

Redesign the interface for the judge platform.

The Outcome

An easy to use judging platform that works in low bandwidth areas.


During the research phase, I sought to understand the types of judges that were signing up on the Techovation. I monitored the Slack group and platform for patterns and noticed that there were two main types of judges. They both came from different backgrounds, but shared the same goals of helping and providing quality feedback to the girl’s submissions.

The judges commit to 5 hours to reviewing submissions and help select 10 finalist teams who will pitch their ideas at Technovation World Championship.  They must also complete a 30 minute training and learn what problems girls around the world care deeply about.



Multiple iterations had to be created for every stage of the design and development process. The judging rubric had to be created and well integrated on the platform where it had to be optimized for the web and can be easily downloaded for anyone regardless of bandwidth.


Midfiedlity wireframes were created in XD and updated them to create a high-fidelity prototype that offers another opportunity for user testing before going further with the site design and implementation.

A reward system for the judges was created to keep the engaged.


Throughout the entire project I worked with the development on the web application development. My role mainly on the HTML and CSS, updating tickets on Huboard and Github, and performed quality assurance testing. As well as WordPress content editing with the marketing team.

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