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Science should not have to wait another day!


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Cute Cayla is expected to launch in the Fall of 2015 with a short Netflix or Hulu pilot episode where Cayla goes on her very first scientific exploration and learns about entomology the study of insects. Through out her adventure she discovers the beauty of metamorphosis, butterfly anatomy, and more. Who knew science could be so much fun!

The opportunities of using an on demand internet streaming platform to launch a toy is to reach out to a larger global audience (e.g. Netflix has subscribers in over 40 countries). The essence of Cayla in the episodes will expose and encourage girls to look at the world under a scientific lens.

The launch of the toy will proceed immediately after the study of insects pilot episode with entomology, geology, marine biology, and chemistry kits. All kits include a Cute Cayla doll, info card, and accessories that pertain with each topic. The packaging itself will contain cut-out butterfly glasses for the girl, so she too can feel like a scientific explorer.

prototypeCute Cayla currently does not have factory estimates for production. A 3D model was made for the prototype and a CAD file is available for future prototype and stye changes.


Science should not have to wait another day. A lot of STEM toys for girls out in the market today are targeted for older girls (8+up). Unfortunately bright young girls are being excluded from the wonders of science because they are “too little” and “don’t understand”.

When less than 15% of girls show an interest in STEM between 4th-8th grade, we need to expose more girls at a younger age about the wonders of scientific exploration. Cute Cayla does just that! Her kits introduce younger girls to explore their surroundings by allowing them to see themselves as a scientific explores just like Cayla! 

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