Y_NIS, is a collaboration between Nisa Karnsomport, Sylvia Aguiñaga, Emily Leon, & Ruby Ríos – we create interactive installations in public spaces. We’re friends that met at DIY Girls, an organization that enables young girls & women to explore electronics, programming, & design. We learn to make cool art & help others do it, too.Continue reading

Comisión Femenil Branding

As the Co-Publicity Executive Board Member, the team and I developed a Publicity/Marketing Plan to further engage with our target audiences (teens and professionals), increase donations, engage the community, and get more Latinas into colleges + universities and develop into the leaders and complex problem solvers of today. I created the content below :)   Comisión Femenil is aContinue reading “Comisión Femenil Branding”

DIY(“Do-It-Yourself”)Girls is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase girls’ interest and success in technology, engineering, making, and design through innovative educational experiences and mentor relationships. It’s all about creating a supportive community for girls driven by an interest in creating and building with technology. During my time as the Design Director for DIY Girls, IContinue reading

Bestway Inflatables

Below are a few products made during Ruby’s experience interning at Bestway Inflatables in Shanghai, China. Each item was given dedicated time on ideation, concept sketch development, market research, testing, adapting the product to the end user, and getting out to market.