Comisión Femenil Branding


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As the Co-Publicity Executive Board Member, the team and I developed a Publicity/Marketing Plan to further engage with our target audiences (teens and professionals), increase donations, engage the community, and get more Latinas into colleges + universities and develop into the leaders and complex problem solvers of today.

I created the content below :)


Comisión Femenil is a multigenerational all volunteer based non-profit; and before I got started I did a survey to gain a greater understanding of the overall membership experience. The data that I collected was critical in the development of the brand.

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The old Website was my starting point.

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Mock up of new website.


I created icons to capture the essence of the organization’s mission

Business Cards

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Membership brochures

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Program for the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference

This is an on going project and there’s more to be done!

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Click on the image below to check out the Comisión Femenil website!


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