Petricity is an electrical engineering toy for girls 8+up that connects nurturing with technology

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Petricity is designed as a “maker space” with five major sections.

     1) Create her unique pet by choosing pet parts

     2) Connect her pet to the in-store computers and learn how to program (“train” her pet)

     3) Play and happily purchase her awesome pet

     4) If the pet is damaged or “sick”, don’t worry. The Vet will repair the pet to be as good as new!

     5) The Pet Park is the most important aspect of Petricity because it’s the community. It is an area where all children can have friendly interaction with each other and learn about each other’s projects. This way everyone can get even more encouraged to program more advanced tricks for their pets. 



As the child gets older, the Petricity software grows with her; becoming more advanced, challenging, and fun!



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